Thursday, January 1, 2015


It all started with the hush hush opening
of a bloom while i was doing a flip-flop-flip
on whether to alight the next flight of stairs
that could reach you

Yet all you did was pour acid on the buds
and hearing your grumble that 'love can not kill
twice' was like being swept off my feet

by an invisible Tsunami, riding on the fizz
of fantasia; it was like being bombarded with
fifteen thousand watts of pulsating sound

and all the while watching you blandly, your
face bloated with summer green, your shoulders
draped with blues, and your hair
brushed with a tinge of blood

You sipped your Martini with the calm
of a mellowed autumn, and said, "I wish
we could drop the tittle-tattle on love and sex,
they just kill me!"

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