Saturday, July 20, 2013

The clown in autumn

Not much unlike others; he used to put on
his toothless smile, and blink to his soul
in the mirror, "I'm no bounder, but one

From a bunch of smart gamblers,betting our life
on the birth or fall of leaves.I love the brew
of dreams, a bath in the vapour of a hot spring
and the nostalgia of country wine.

Each day is a rattle on rails.Everyday every one
meanders. But not me. Am I not a laughing Buddha,
seasoned to echoes of frail applauds, they remind

the iciness of autumn.But never fear, my good chum,
each day is a step towards eternal gleam." That day,
his eyes had a strange fire. That day, there was
a strain of violin in the wind.They found him hanging,

One limp bay leaf in an autumn mist.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

5 Haiku


with eagerness
i open her letter-
a beggar calls nearby


her sobs
dying out slowly
the rain


to the trainer
highland susuki


off and on
shines the hope--


her smile never looked
so big

hours fall ( Double Tanka)

hours fall
between me
and a butterfly--
how long will it take
for love to unfurl

when I started
counting minutes into hours
it was a chosen work...
now wax tears
have hardened 

Separated... (3 Tanka)

in the corridor...
my dreams
open a door
to the past

a tangerine
by the window--
the emptiness grows
with each ripped segment

i built her a home
and a garden bedecked
with azaleas,
then i put a fence around
my separate life 
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