Friday, May 27, 2011

periwinkle haiku

periwinkle vines
emerging through the mist
morning butterfly

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

going down haiku

plodding down
her stairs, my longest pause
before the last step

absence haiku

your absence
taking me to a new low--
afternoon downpour

Polish your shoes, poet!

I agree that words, phrases and epithets
trickle into your cerebellum and engineer
elaborate helical strings that squirm
in the void of immobile hours.

And I’d love to believe that after eons
these obscure strands would interwine
and fabricate cluttered images, and you'd sigh
with a solace for accomplishing a chef d'oeuvre,

Yet it baffles me, why coerce your poems
to give in to the whims of an evil wind, why accept
the fallacy of yielding to obscure omens

when you still have a house, a garden
to protect?

Why pretend to whisper with the papery leaves,
while all they can do is to infest your mind
with countless apparitions.

Have mercy on your verses, poet,
you’re treading on a path that’ll soon
lose its way to wilderness

and you’d again have to start a fire
with flintstones.

Better polish your shoes and step into
the highway instead.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

ocean sounds haiku

ocean sounds
in a hand painted conch --
grandfather's voice

Friday, May 20, 2011

dry whispers haiku

dry whispers
between you and me
the autumn moon

half-buried (Tanka)

in the damp sand
a spiral conch shell
memories of writing
our names with fingertips

Monday, May 16, 2011

the footprints (Tanka)

the footprints
near my garden wall
are not hers
china roses wobble
bereft of fragrance

conch shell haiku

waves rush
in and out of a conch shell--
after life


He hasn’t put on his face
today. Forlorn, he walks through
a bronze autumn, mashing brittle

memories underneath,
sauntering bewildered
around mist hidden woods.

Last night, finally, he had vomited his all-
the entire wrath that had piled up
each passing day.

No longer does he have to tolerate
the stale porridge of ridicule,
ogles and mimicry.

Life has given him many autumns.
He is now free, free for his ultimate act.
Let the vacant road and glum-faced willows
be the witnesses.

Friday, May 13, 2011

butterfly haiku

mulling over options
on a stifling day


Don't fritter away an entire winter
staring out of your pensive window:
measuring depth of snow that has piled up
around your cottage, reading weather
forecasts, trying phone numbers that are
out of your network’s reach. Get yourself
some warm cappuccino, throw a few more
logs to your fireplace.

The wind and the willows and the snow
indulge in a whispering game.
Let them.

Strain your ears: listen to the robins,
the chickadees, bluebirds and kinglets
rehearsing springtime verses.
Not all are migrants.

parting smile haiku

her parting smile--
the road disappears
into thick mist

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

leaning on his stick (haiku)

leaning on his stick
he gazes at the front path --
wilted sunflowers

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Late afternoons

Nearing the end of a long walk
I feel the mellow sun on my tired limbs
my hat covering the eyes
my thoughts roaming with a half-finished

Characters prop up on the roadside
some wrinkled grumpy faces
foulmouthed humans hold out mirrors
concave and convexly shaped
showing me in varied

Just a few paces left to get
a short rest in the cool shade
of that yellow-flowered tree

With butterflies fluttering about clusters
of sweet pea

What could be the purpose of scripting
waned memories amid this April green

Planets would revolve in their own
orbits and small men like us
would fulfill their day's work
and watch their reflections on the pond
quivering in summer breeze

early spring haiku

early spring morning --
a vendor arranges
the funeral wreaths

Saturday, May 7, 2011

the rock wren's song (Tanka)

in the prayer hall
sandalwood incense
continues to burn
that slow April
and the rock wren's song

raindrop haiku

held in a spider’s silk--
the glitter in her eye

Monday, May 2, 2011

flamingo ( Tanka )

coming home
after a vacation
I receive her note --
flamingos are perishing
on her island
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