Sunday, June 24, 2012

It is May

it is May
the hungry eyes of a ragamuffin
inspects an afternoon

cobblestones gets dappled
with loosened red petals

sky empty as the paleness
of your lips in the photo
tainted with a hue of forgiveness

looking out the window
perhaps at the tree losing florets
your hair disheveled
by the warm hand of summer

i saunter along a path
in the iciness of
a bygone winter


after wave
.... filling my footsteps

not even a whisper...
an owl and I watching
the star plunge

the bird
becoming smaller . . .

your letter
pleading innocence--
slanted rain

a ripple
on the lap of a ripple
loosened leaf

Sunday, June 10, 2012

the wheels tanka

the wheels 
of a cart rattling 
at dawn 
---a village boy and girl 
---slip into the fog 

2 tanka


writing verses 
in the shelter 
of her memory... 
shadows lengthen 
behind rosemary bushes 


my recent verse 
dimmed by your shadow 
mocks at me— 
i rummage through 
the word history of 'eclipse' 
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