Monday, September 19, 2011

Soap bubbles

Watching the mannequins at a shop window,
their expectant eyes tethered to routine reveries,
I notice a monotony in their smile.

You told me
smiles and daydreams are soap bubbles,
iridescent and fragile, capable of making you
unaware for a while

of the darkness that lingers
at the corner of your eye.

I observe the wide grins
of inert human forms
placed behind clean glasses, and realize

that my existence resembles that of
dummy sitters; each single day imply
progress of identical shadows...

A bubble-maker churns out soft globes
in a flurry; dream-planets keep fading
into the universe

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the lull (haiku)

the lull
after a storm...
trembling lips

Overwhelmed by you, Kolkata

I do not know
when you became poetry for me
or when your autumn wind brought in
the abounding fragrance of a maiden's hair

I do not know
how these whining buses and car horns
filled up the gaps in our converse

You and me sitting together
at a street-side cafe near twilight
and the sounds of a day transgressing
into darkness

I remember the glint in your eyes
as if they can interpret the meaning
of my fumbling with words

You casually concealed your laughter
with a flimsy innocence

Yet when did I care for your feelings...

You've got to be mine
the rhyme of your life
has to be understood by no one else
but me

You might have had a hundred lovers
but its only me who can persuade you
to immerse in moonlight

our second date (haiku)

our second date--
still not putting down
the smiling masks

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

owl haiku

an owl hoots--
the light ripple
in a lake

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The grief that engulfed me

A wave that engulfed me
when you told you were leaving
took years to subside

That day I realized
a weak scent lingers
after the withering of a flower

I imagine my grief
twirling like snakes made of smoke
arising from a jasmine agarbati
relentlessly taking their forms
endlessly fading into oblivion

From that day I've been living
beside a sea
observing rain clouds fondle the sun
at wee hours

And I've grown accustomed
to the vacant vault of the blue
in autumn

From that day
I yearn to see yellow butterflies
hopping over dandelions

No I haven't re-opened
my doors
yet neither have I ignored
the fragrance of jasmine
or the sounds of the sea

A whiff of breeze blows a dust
of memories
revealing bizarre fossils
this twilight
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