Friday, April 29, 2016

For Prince

You said there is blood in the sky
was that a premonition you said
you knew when it'll rain purple blue
when someone will take you out
from your hide that is made of rainbow
So when the angel came and beckoned
you in the purple rain you forgot about
the song on your lips and looked long
at me were there some words hidden

With meek steps you left as the worst storm
rattled my doors putting off candles because
the blood in the sky had to fall because god
had no reason to heed the call of the million
doves who cried till life went out off a billion
songs Yet its still raining still your voice hasn't
stopped echoing from mountain walls because
an angel called you amidst the purple rain

[ In memory of  Prince Rogers Nelson (1958 - 2016)]

Friday, April 22, 2016

Love Tanka

i can no longer
feel you, either by love
or by reason -
the end of a bridge
fading into the void

why must i become
the falling leaf
of winter -
lovers and flowers
blooming in the roadside

sauntering aimless
without you...yet with you
by my side
---a quick spell of rain
---paints a rainbow

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Aokigahara - The Suicide Forest

1) near the forest
a dust-worn Toyota
lies abandoned-
a parrot shrieks overhead:
i'm comming, comming, comming...

2) the noose dangles
from a wild tree
a gush of wind
hurries through
deceased leaves

3) he nails his anger
one after the other
into a stolid bark:
you cannot rule the breeze,
neither the fire, nor the rains

4) not even a flower
buds here
to feed butterflies
this stoic world
needs no spring, no autumn

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