Sunday, July 29, 2012


filling up potholes
the ghost town

glittering dew--
the frog prince
croaks loud

a rainbow
outside the window
our song

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


the yarn
she weaves...
moon halo


she stands here
arms akimbo watching
leaves fall
the little red rooster
calls it a day

Melancholy rain

in melancholy rain
i think of you

the trees, in their sullen
subordination, make me recall

my stooping low to your
whirlwind whims

the patter on my roof
fades the words you had gifted

i hear vehemence in the voice
of a trapped bluejay

i dwell in my doldrums

as the drizzle fizzles out
and a cloud-gate tempts me
to escape this tangle of yours
I saunter along a path with wafts of wind
that brings the scent
of nascent earth

until the day frees itself
like enlivened birds


she explains
the plus side of doing
at the picnic --
her husband eying egrets

Tuesday, July 10, 2012




a room scented 
with Christmas dinner--
hard to find
any trace of contempt
in your smile


the diver
continues to hunt
the  wrecked ship
---a swarm of silver fishes
---follow his trail 


puffy clouds
crowning blue mountains
makes me recall
the yogurt on your nose
the day it rained wild


the lady
in her red kimono
eyes his path—
rugged steps leading to
a stone built monastery


sixteen bearers
carrying a bride
in a palanquin--
red sorghum grasses
waving in gentle wind


two cottages
in the moonlight
one empty with ruin
the other full
of your memories


she stands here
arms akimbo  watching
leaves fall—
the little red rooster
calls it a day



had I been...
wind swirls in a field
of growing crops


the drifting shadows
a chameleon


your voice
a song sparrow
in the morning


autumn again
a  mockingbird
on windowsill
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