Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A feather at sundown

As one chapter closes,
a set of images linger...
linger like rain over mint leaves.

Clouds take their own time
for changing orientations,
ripples on a lake
distort their faces.

A rainbow hangs on the edge of a cliff,
one blue heron crosses me
on its way home.

Near the night’s shore
a careless breeze
plays with grass-tips.

Moist air

Moist air

The lure of fog
lies in its hesitancy.

Its delicate presence
softly dissolves
a hedge of rhododendrons.

Did she leave her smiles
sprinkled over drowsy shrubs?

Will I get to see
that green caterpillar again,
or find a silken cocoon instead,
by the time sunshine returns?

Passerines echo half-asleep whispers
in an indistinct morning.

Ageing (Haiku)

two parakeets
in cozy chat
last spring

the trees empty--
another silver hair
on my left brow
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