Thursday, November 20, 2014

I need a full shot of Ketamine

Now that the piano notes
have faded with our parting
I need to clutch on to my roots

hidden in yesterdays

Now that I can see myself
being out of my benign body
I'm passing through curtains of time

I perform a mime act
as if tugging at your heart-strings
trying to moor mundane memories

I see my remains and wonder

Now that I can keep myself afloat
with all that should never have happened
Yet all that happened between us

Why do I keep on muttering dreams
that cannot touch me anymore
Why am I so obstinate to bring back
all those 'you did Thaaat to Me'
back to the shore

Let me bathe in this cool air of twilight
Let me rerun all the actions motivations
hesitations and boiling altercations
that have brought me here
Now that the seasons have made a full circle
and the fog is slowly rising

The man near Marum Volcano

Wasn't he charmed by the spectacle of
flame waves
Wasn't he craving for a plunge
looking like a clown with his heat-suit on
near the crater of Marum volcano

I recall my disarray
alone with you in a fiery spring
and your disdain
the annoyance of an angry passion
watching the dilemma
of an unsure insect
But I was aware that a fireproof-suit
has its limits
And was worried of seasons
other than bloom time

So the man keeps speaking
of acid rain of molten rocks
and of ashes

What you need now

What you need now
is an eruption of life
through dead cells
of euphoria

Who doesn't need
a cloudburst to silence
the never-ending rhyme
of a waterfall's gurgle

recalling how penumbrae
have added to your woes

Why must people
run into you with their own
absurd contemplation

Who said you were
ever in love
Who said the lovers
shoved you aside as the tides

You need to fling
this darn old carbon cycle
of thoughts

Have you seen
white flowers bloom
in the last hour of night

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

your nearness (Tanka)

your nearness
as with a spring blaze
makes me dizzy--
even with a heat-suit
i fear the lava


dad and i--
fading sun and
a faint moon

mother and i
sharing our lunch
the leaf falls

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