Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Love Tanka

spend some time
in the quiet
of a full moon...
every moment biting away
words unspoken

how many hours
have you lived
in your life...
death will be on its prowl
once the moon sets

3 Tanka

turning gray
with the trickle of years
a chameleon
hiding amidst the green
of childhood trees


i still see you
in moonlit dreams
you're a flower
in your absence


it rained a lot
yet it looks like it'll rain
a lot more...
you simply smile,
smile away


let a chorus be born
turning into a torrent
of anguish -
streets are getting flooded
with rare resolve

New Year Tanka

this token of love
not yet sullied
by earthly sin-
with great care i hold out
my little dream, just born

A Tanka for Yemen

to her wheelchair
Noran paints
in her inner room

Click on this link



i move on
from sadness to sadness
with my dream:
a window will open
to a pear tree in flowers


who can tame
the beast that lives in man--
a monk
lovingly pats the head
of a temple tiger

[Note-Wat Pa Luangta Bua is a monastery about 200 kilometers west of Bangkok, and here,a daily ritual is observed -- Buddhist monks take their 3-5 year old tigers out on a leash for a walk through the bordering region of Burma. They dote upon their tigers, feed them and celebrate them as their most sacred animal. ]

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