Thursday, November 8, 2012


Do I see you today
as if I've not seen you before

The air of a vagrant around you
a voice barely audible
a pair of eyes staring out
at nothing

You keep smoking
your wrinkles pronounce
the curves of a sand dune

Embers travel deep into your cigar
one miserable cat seeks refuge
in a memory lane

I know you're the maker of a mist
that which embalms the emptiness
of willows

I recall myself running amok to hide
into your hollowness

You are such a miser
piling up everyone's desires
a child that cackles while it explores
its treasure trove

I question myself
how else could I perceive
your presence

a fiery butterfly
flutters in the middle of


I had one

It appeared that the oyster
couldn't do much to hide its sheen

When I showed it to you
your lips parted and I saw
pearls all around

Then on a dull summer day
you said its pretty useless to read
the same story over again

Your shrug of shoulders did much
to cover a growing stress

Until you finally said the pearl has lost
its midas touch

And that days are more yellowy in autumn
than being gold

So the mist rose
covering the bridge the lake the cottage
of my dream

I had one simple choice to make

I threw the pearl back to where
it came from
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