Sunday, January 30, 2011

Morbid violin

Touch me
with the flame of an autumn

I witness the sage foliage
blazing without smoke
no odor of burnt skin

Leaves plummet in graveyard silence
wingless birds

Year after year
an unknowing wind spreads the embers
making me more insipid

The intransigence of death sounds itself
in the ennui of a stifled morn
watching each accursed bird
descend with dull thump

Now you can torch me
with the venom of love

Thursday, January 20, 2011


On the gentle beach juvenile waves gush in
Douse your tube feet with pizzazz

You feed on blue mussels and solitary hours
Pink arms fidget with their usual apathy

You seem to perceive the tinkling sounds
Rebounding within an aquatic abyss

Drowned sailor songs echo ancient storms
You were a slave the king-wave your tormentor

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rain Lilies (Haiku)

Rain Lilies
bloom on the patio--
his last wish

coins slip (Haiku)

coins slip
between his fingers --
autumn rain

Night (haiku)

mountain lake--
the stillness
in the deer's eye

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dawn (haiku)

light trickles in
through a fine cloud gap --
whistling tea kettle

the rickshaw puller
tightens his rug around him--
burning of leaves

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Himalaya (Part II )

I met her somewhere in the foothills
she was seated in front of her bamboo-hut
basking in a January sun
her fingers nimbly weaving
pattern flowers

I was a traveler
fatigued by wintry winds

She queried my whereabouts
her voice sounding like that of faraway souls

Her eyes glittery and lucent
resembled those of a sculpture
carved from ice

In the intensifying silence
I envisioned cold death of a thousand
wingless words

I stammered
gave her a muffled reply
and she laughed out loud

And then there was an avalanche

Philippine Violet

we are mauve petals
wavering in late afternoon
the winter creaks like any other

loneliness a dried up firmament
deadened as archaic rocks

numb shadows irk me
there's no waterfall to talk to

we live alongside a milestone
masked with dead moss
gazing at an empty road

i recall the last clatter of horse-hooves
some gallant riders had passed by
in twilight gold

at times when the wind
waters memories
i doze off
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