Wednesday, September 9, 2015

White lotus (Haiku)

white lotus--
the sky losing
its darkness

September Tanka

such small-boned
my solitude
amidst the mountains
even winds cannot gnaw
those massive chunks of sorrow

you write
my name beside
your lover's
then strike it through—
fungi growing in monsoons

of a riotous spring
keep stinging--
i seek comfort
amidst the rhododendrons

village huts
obscured in cloud-light
the stillness
of graying hills
broken by cattle bells

in her youth, and mother
in old age--
how fast does time travel
between horizons

in the glow of a dream-
am i not
beyond the grasp
of mortal waves

let my poems be
like star florets
the dreams that are lost,
lost in a sea of despair

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