Sunday, February 14, 2010

the negatives

a predator
lurks near him
his shadow


for ever
the way is lost
towards the star
shining bright
in deathly gloom


of memories
fade like autumn posy
the green turns auburn in meadows
too soon


(c) Arunansu Banerjee


[ Tanka ]


arid river bed
in v-shaped valley
awaits monsoon
for the wind to rattle
her name


meet you again
near the lantern shrub

she told the sun
he searches for a poem
every morning


akin to
an oyster's pearl
fondled by waves
his chiseled verses
remain password protected

(c) Arunansu Banerjee

Monday, February 8, 2010



to chose between
a daffodil and a daisy--
the obsessed Narcissus
or the ‘eye of a day’

the lonely path

sighs an autumn
the poet finds
a new door, every hour

(c)Arunansu Banerjee

frustration [ Senryu ]

try bad manners
urges the wine
to a poet

untamed lion
growls at the mirror
receives a sneer

(c)Arunansu Banerjee
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