Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It is never winter

One evening is not enough
to forget you
and the colours in your wings

You sing around
my enticing hummingbird

the more I grow cautious
of the winter that has frosted
my hairs

You talk about next spring
the hues that would burst out
around us

Haven't I asked you to leave
to go to some land unknown
and make it your own

Yet your moves so deceptive

Bring to mind a silvery night
near the beehive caves of Ajanta

When I
when we
were much much younger

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

pollen drift (haiku)

pollen drift--
a butterfly stuck
to wet paint

Monday, November 21, 2011

12 Haiku


a murky
anniversary morning--
the red table cloth


our third date
she studies my
palm lines


toying with
pressed rose petals
early winter wind


summer end--
the fan blade knocks off
a butterfly


at the hospital, I wait
for sedatives


at the crossroads
a tramp speaking to himself
my lost poem


bringing back the anguish
winter without you


summer …
village boys plunging
into the pond


the pensive face
peeled off a tree trunk—


the hospital smell
still following me
their forced smiles


the new sedative…
she disappears behind
a veil of thick mist


hospital window—
firecrackers lighting up
Diwali sky

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kolkata, your cold touch

I never fret in your cold touch,
not even your calloused fingers
agitate me,

You're my old chum, whose secrets
I hold in my bosom, as close

as the petals of a french marigold;
secret vows huddled together, scared
of betraying their own self

You tantalize me with your morning breeze,
the marigolds wobble in unison,

You're the fingertip on a still pond
sending shivers down my spine

And I'm so lost in your loneliness
that my solitude becomes verses

At times I see you reading them,
straining your eyes and wrinkles

And the next moment you vanish
in a veil of thick mist
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