Monday, December 30, 2013

Is Not the world, charming?

I watch luscious watermelon lips
on weekend tv shows. I admit my getting
weak-on-the-knees whenever her eyes encounter
mine. They tell you HD is a sensation; each pixel
of a petal may invite you back to your spring even though
you are a long-time loner. I admit I find this third part
of the life more hideous than the days when I was awakened

by the sound of ewes. Speaking of warmth, is not
the touch of her pashmina tantalizing? You may reason
that the essence of a season is in its passing; that birds are losing
more feathers and poets are getting loonier in quest of eternity-
why don’t I share memories with the glass case clock?

I’m unsure of the cock rising up again, I’m pissed off and I’m broke.
Yet the tide returns with the moon that casts a dream on a sleepless night,
can’t you see me flooded in my unlit room?

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