Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the sea-bound breeze...

I was on the verge of concluding
that I've had enough of your
half broken words
halfhearted queries
about a possible early monsoon

Just then the twilight's shade
claimed a cluster of 'forget-me-not's
by the parapet wall

I wondered whether to take a path
that ribboned the hammock
leading to a small wooden temple
with its lone haunting bell

Just then the breeze shifted direction
and daylight decided to linger
around a speck of golden cloud

In that faint light
one tired buzzard landed near me
flapped its wings and inquired
whether I had heard of the tsunami

Its pretentious gaze struck upon me
and the hills wore a mourning look

Was it the wind that was swinging the bell

In the approaching murkiness
I saw you

A soul-less voice
frigid with grief

I'm joining the sea-bound breeze, do you hear?

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