Friday, December 24, 2010

The bloody idiot asks

If you had been to the grocers’
lately you must have noticed how
mutely he taps the keys of his laptop

Have you observed
the way his wrinkles get pronounced
the way his lips curve with an eagerness
to grasp the lilt and cadence of a threadbare life

At times he takes off his glasses
stares once to the left then once to the right
and then sighs and takes a deep breath
before resuming his quest

He goes on entwining his whims
while his brother a lean fellow with a leaden look
looks after worldly dealings with such robotic
accuracy that makes me doubt

Whether his younger kin is close to being
a two state device brimmed with curt ‘yes’s and ‘no’s
and who could only identify credits and debentures

Together they appear as if a pair of pigeons
one aged and bespectacled munching words for food
and the other a thinned down excuse of living
who doesn’t take his eyes off from his grains

Do you feel either of the two
can appreciate
the meaning of being alive

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